The beer and cider list for the 2016 currently looks like this. As ever, there may be some last-minute changes.

Real Ales
Big Hand Wrexham Renaissance 4.5 APA
Pit Head Porter 4.3 Porter
Black Brook Mold Golden State 4.6 Session IPA
Fenchurch 4.8 Oatmeal Stout
Burning Sky East Sussex Plateau 3.5 Pale Ale
Buzzard Denbigh Golden Buzzard 4.7 Golden Ale
Old Buzzard 5.3 Winter Ale
Cwrw Iâl Eryrys Pocket Rocket 4.0 Ultra Pale
Kia Kaha 4.3 NZ Pale
Deva Craft Sandycroft Odium 4.0 Pale Ale
Fusion Cannon 7.0 IPA
Facer’s Flint Landslide 4.9 Golden Ale
Indian Summer 4.0 Pale Ale
Hafod Mold Cranberry Brew 6.5 Fruity Ale
Moel Fenlli Honey Reserve 5.3 Honey Ale
H.E. Pale 4.3 Pale Ale
Hammer 6.6 Strong Pale
Empyre 6.1 IPA
Moel Famau 4.1 Dark Ale
Heavy Industry Henllan Chinese Burn 6.5 Pale Ale
77 4.9 IPA
Magic Rock Huddersfield Inhaler 4.5 Session IPA
Marble Manchester Pint 3.9 Golden Ale
Purple Moose Porthmadog Chocolate Moose 4.5 Rich Stout
Dark Side of the Moose 4.6 Dark Ale
Salopian Brewery Shropshire Lemon Dream 4.5 Golden Ale
Sonnet 43 Durham The Raven 4.3 Sweet Stout
Stonehouse Oswestry Zephyr 4.0 Pale Ale
Torrside New Mills Centennial 5.4 Hoppy Porter
Lager-style beers
Geipel Gellioedd Pilsner 4.6 Pale Lager
Dunkelweisse 5.4 Dark Wheat Beer
Real Ciders and Perrys
Dee Cider Whitford Richard’s Sweet 6.4 Sweet Cider
Richard’s Medium 6.4 Medium Cider
Richard’s Dry 6.4 Dry Cider
Farmer Jim’s Devon Perry 4.5 Perry
Sea Cider Sussex Medium 4.6 Medium Cider
Strawberry 4.0 Strawberry Medium Cider
Thistly Cross Dunbar Ginger 4.5 Ginger Infused
Original 6.2 Classic Farmhouse